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Sample SIF files (right-click, save, and import into BioFabric)

Samples from Cytoscape Website
Large network files are available on the Cytoscape Wiki Data_sets page.
Samples in Cytoscape Download
Several network files are included in the sampleData folder of the Cytoscape download.
Random Networks
10K node, 60K link Erdos-Renyi Networker1060.sif
10K node, 10K link Erdos-Renyi Networker1010.sif
Barabasi-Albert Power Law Random Networks
2K nodes, 11979 linksba2K.sif
Fully Connected Networks
100 nodesfull100.sif
200 nodesfull200.sif
Star Networks
500 edges, pure star topologystar-500.sif
2K nodes in star topology, with 3993 additional random cross-linksstar-2K-4Kx.sif

Last updated: November 05, 2012

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